Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Inaugural Post

I've decided once again to try my hand at blogging. It'll give me the opportunity to share things I normally wouldn't post to my deviantART page, or one of my other portfolios. That includes sketches, works in progress, videos, as well as artistic advice and just general thoughts.

In addition to starting this blog back up (as if it ever really existed as much of anything in the first place), I've started a separate blog meant solely for updates on my personal project HAYLING. So, should you choose to stop by here occasionally, it'd definitely be worth your time to drop by there as well.

Anyway, I plan to start posting soon, so check back! Thanks, and take care!

P.S. If anyone has suggestions, questions, or comments, please feel free to leave a message on any of my posts, or email me using the Gmail icon on the right.


Chris Hayes said...

I personally like blogging a lot more than Deviant art. Since I started blogging I havent updated my DA at all. Its just easier here and I seem to find more industry professionals here. Welcome to blogger. Cheers


Anonymous said...

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