Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Galactic Tour Test

Andree Wallin and I have been discussing the idea that in films, we never get to spend enough time just gawking at planets. The establishing shot lasts a few moments, and then it's gone. We're always left feeling like we should have spent more time up there in orbit.

Anyway, we're kicking around ideas for putting together a sort of galactic tour using matte painting, 3D, and animation techniques. It's a way to put together a journey that shows us what some of the places in our galaxy might look like, both from orbit and down on the surface.

This video is just a small test for the project, recycling some of the Hayling tests into a whole new thing. It really captures the mood and level of 'epicness' I hope to achieve, largely in part to Armand Amar's music. And speaking of music, we hope to get something original composed for it as well.

I've also gotta give credit to nvseal on dA for the title planet, and freelancah on dA for the star stock.

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